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About Tri-State Disposal

Tri-State Disposal commits to keeping the environment and Chicagoland residents safe with convenient, reliable, and worry-free ways to dispose of waste tires. As a registered waste tire processor and transporter, we offer bulk pick-ups and tire cages to businesses in Chicago, IL. Tri-State Disposal also accepts waste tire drop-offs at our transfer station located in Riverdale, IL. We commit our tire recycling in Chicago to your needs and satisfaction.

Fueled by Our


Our Family at the Forefront

The heart and soul of the Tri-State Disposal family are our unwavering, dedicated crew. They're the heroes behind the curtain, fueling our journey. Our promise? To look out for one another, cherish our clients, uplift our neighborhoods, and be kind to our planet.

Achieving Greatness, The Right Way

Success? Sure, we chase it. But it's the 'how' that truly counts for us. With a commitment to honesty, trust, responsibility, and playing by the rules, we aim for greatness with integrity at every turn.


Core Values


Unity in Diversity

We’re all about embracing the mix—valuing respect, trust, open hearts, and a medley of thoughts and backgrounds.


Customer-Centric Universe

Our customers are our stars; we orbit around them, striving to brighten their days, every day.


Safety Is Our Compass

Health and safety aren't just part of the job; they're our guiding lights, ensuring every step we take is a step in the right direction.



We wear our steward of the earth badge proudly, pushing for a greener tomorrow with every action today.


Tri-State Disposal is committed to inspiring, educating and empowering current and future generations to live sustainably while proactively helping communities thrive.

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With Us

We care about the future for you, your family, our communities, and our environment.

Are you ready to start your tomorrow, today? Apply to join us in our mission toward creating a more sustainable tomorrow.

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