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10 Yard Roll-Off Dumpster

When you require a dumpster rental, a temporary roll-off dumpster is the ideal choice for a wide range of projects.

Our 10-yard dumpster is well-suited for small to medium-sized projects, particularly for the disposal of materials like concrete, dirt, or similar substances. For further details, please read on below.

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How to Select the
Right Size Dumpster

A roll-off dumpster is capable of accommodating projects of various sizes effortlessly. Discover how to ensure that you’ll receive the correct size dumpster, ultimately saving you time and ensuring a seamless rental experience.


Ideal For:

  • Heavy materials
  • Concrete or asphalt
  • Small deck demolitions or moderate roofing debris

What’s Included:

  • Delivery and pickup
  • Convenient scheduling and account management
  • Tonnage Allowance: 3 Ton Limit (6,000 lbs)*

Container Dimensions:

  • 3′ High X 7′ Wide X 14′ Long

Excluded Materials


Factors that can influence
the final cost
of your rental may include:


Excess Weight


Extended Rental Period

* Additional tonnage is invoice at $65/ ton.

Serving Your Dumpster

When choosing a dumpster location:

  • Avoid areas near pedestrian walkways or automobile traffic
  • Leave the required space of at least 100 feet in length for dumpster drop-off
  • Select a level surface, free of debris and obstructions like low hanging wires or tree branches

To prepare for dumpster pickup:

  • Ensure items in your dumpster are evenly distributed and not sticking out of the top
  • Do not exceed the maximum tonnage allowed (10 tons)

On service day(s):

  • Move parked vehicles or other obstacles that may prevent access to your dumpster
  • Make sure gates are unlocked or provide our driver with a key or code to gain access to the service area Remove tarp that’s been added to protect your dumpster from inclement weather

Additional Sizes


20 Yard Roll-Off Dumpster

Holds: 8 pickup loads
Dimensions: 4′ H X 7′ W X 20′ L
Best Use: Ideal for heavy-debris home clean-outs and remodeling cleanup
See 20 Yard Dumpster Details

30 Yard Roll-Off Dumpster

Holds: 14 pickup loads
Dimensions: 6′ H X 7′ W X 20′ L
Best Use: Ideal for office or large home renovation projects or junk removal
See 30 Yard Dumpster Details

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to rent a 10 yard dumpster?

To obtain precise pricing, kindly enter your address into the address bar above and proceed through the steps to add a container to your cart. It's important to understand that this pricing reflects a single haul and encompasses predetermined tonnage, the cost of landfill disposal, the delivery timeline to your designated location, and operational expenses.

Keep in mind that there are supplementary elements that could affect your ultimate rental cost. These variables encompass any excess weight within your container, variations in tonnage, and the duration of your rental period.

The suitability of the dumpster size for your needs is contingent on both the nature of your project and the available container options in your vicinity.

When making your final selection, take into account the specific materials you plan to dispose of and the designated location for the container. It's imperative to avoid overfilling the dumpster and to ensure that it remains accessible without any obstructions in the surrounding area.

The weight limit for a dumpster is determined by the regulations in your area as well as the capabilities of the truck responsible for collecting the dumpster. It's important to be aware that this limit can vary depending on local regulations and specific circumstances.

A 10-yard dumpster has dimensions of approximately 3 feet in height, 7 feet in width, and 14 feet in length. In terms of capacity, it can hold roughly the equivalent of four pickup truck beds

The 10-yard dumpster is well-suited for the following:

  • Heavy materials
  • Disposal of concrete, asphalt, or dirt
  • Small deck demolitions or moderate roofing debris

Please note that the acceptability of materials can vary by location, but here's a general list of items that are typically NOT accepted in roll- off dumpsters.

Why Tri-State Disposal

Allow us to alleviate the stress associated with your project through a streamlined and worry- free process. We provide an extensive range of dumpster sizes and maintain a network of experts to guarantee the prompt and professional delivery of the appropriate dumpster to your specified location.

We are dedicated to ensuring that your project stays on track, and we are committed to delivering attentive service and efficiency from the outset to the completion of your task.

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