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Waste Tire Disposal

Old tires can have a detrimental impact on the environment, potentially polluting soil, water, and air. Furthermore, when they are disposed of in landfills, they occupy valuable space and can take decades to decompose. Rather than discarding your old tires and subjecting them to the risk of causing environmental harm, consider reaching out to Tri-State Disposal for tire disposal.

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In Illinois, we offer professional tire recycling services to ensure the safe and proper disposal of waste tires. Instead of allowing old tires to occupy valuable space in landfills, we focus on finding new and environmentally responsible uses for them.

We recycle the tire material to create new tires, fuel, mulch, and aggregate for various applications such as roads and retaining walls.

As concerns for public safety and environmental responsibility continue to grow, Tri-State Disposal recognizes the demand for reliable waste tire haulers and disposal experts. Our waste tire removal service caters to businesses in Chicago, the South Suburbs, and Northwest Indiana, providing them with convenient, safe, and worry-free options for tire disposal.

40 Yard Tire Cage

Holds: approx. 300-400 car/ light tires
Dimensions: 8’ H x 8’ W x 20’ D
Use: Waste Tires Only

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect when scheduling a waste tire pickup?

Absolutely! In fact, Tri-State Disposal has a strong focus on tire recycling. Each year, Tri-State Disposal collaborates with numerous communities and businesses within its local service regions to collect and recycle millions of used and unwanted tires. Federal regulations place restrictions on the disposal of scrap tires in landfills. However, recycling companies and product manufacturers have shown creativity in finding ways to recycle and repurpose old tires once they are no longer suitable for use on vehicles.

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