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    Commercial Trash and Recycling Service FAQs

    What size commercial dumpster is right for my business?

    The size of your garbage solution can be crucial. Tri-State Disposal offers a range of dumpster and container options tailored to meet all your commercial waste and recycling needs. We streamline the process of servicing your facilities, allowing you to concentrate on the operation of your business.

    Front-load dumpsters are primarily employed for the collection of non-residential, business, or commercial waste. They are available in 2-yard, 4-yard, 6-yard, or 8-yard options. These dumpsters are ideally suited for a variety of businesses, including office buildings, manufacturing plants, distribution centers, apartments or multi-family properties, hotels, schools and universities, shopping centers, grocery and convenience stores, auto body shops, hair and nail salons, restaurants, hospitals, healthcare offices, and more.

    Front-load dumpsters and rear-load dumpsters generally offer similar trash and refuse capacity. However, the key distinction lies in how the dumpster is picked up and emptied.

    In the case of front-loading dumpsters, metal slots are present on both sides of the container. The truck forks are inserted into these slots, and the container is lifted and emptied over the top of the truck cab.

    On the other hand, rear-load dumpsters are connected directly to the front of the dumpster, typically using a cable. This means that rearload dumpsters do not feature slots on the sides, making them a more suitable choice for locations with limited space.

    Both front-load and rear-load dumpsters feature tops made of sturdy plastic. The primary differentiation between the two lies in the design of their tops.

    Slanted-top dumpsters are particularly well-suited for frigid environments. Their slanted design enhances drainage, allowing for the efficient melting of snow and ice, making them a practical choice for regions with harsh winter conditions.

    Tri-State Disposal will collaborate with you to determine a location or locations that are readily accessible for our trucks and drivers while prioritizing the safety of your customers and employees.

    For business trash pickup, we offer a weekly service with the option to request additional pickups as needed. We provide the flexibility to adjust the size of your dumpster or schedule extra pickups to accommodate your business's seasonal fluctuations and peak periods.

    Roll-off dumpsters, aptly named due to their wheeled design and unloading process from the back of a roll-off truck, are highly versatile and cater to a range of industries and needs. They are particularly well-suited for manufacturers, commercial and residential renovations, construction and demolition firms, land, yard, or tree trimming and removal, festivals and large events, and agricultural harvests. However, it's important to note that certain types of waste, particularly hazardous materials, may not be permitted in roll-off dumpsters, or they may require an additional disposal fee.

    Tri-State Disposal offers an array of roll-off dumpster sizes, ranging from 10 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards in capacity. Our experienced team takes great care in selecting the optimal location for the dumpster on your property, ensuring that our trucks can easily access it for waste removal and return it to its original position after emptying.

    A compactor is an electrically powered machine designed to compress waste material with significant force (compaction), effectively reducing the amount of space required for storage. Compactors are especially well-suited for businesses that generate substantial waste or utilize significant quantities of recyclable materials. Tri-State Disposal's compactors are fully enclosed and come in sizes ranging from 2 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards.

    While the initial costs associated with compactors are typically higher compared to roll-off dumpsters, they offer long-term savings by reducing the frequency of trash pickups or the need for recycling sell-offs. Compactors are commonly employed by a range of businesses, including hospitals, distribution centers, manufacturing companies, industrial plants, and recycling centers. Due to the internal blade mechanism, it is strongly recommended to provide employee training prior to the installation of a compactor. Tri-State Disposal is available to offer guidance and solutions for training if needed.

    Tri-State Disposal provides commercial and industrial recycling services tailored to your unique needs, recognizing that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. We welcome you to explore our Support Center to determine how our recycling services can be customized to align with your specific business requirements and ecological goals.

    Our most common recycling services encompass the weekly collection of commonly recycled materials, including cardboard, paper, and everyday metals or plastics. In specific areas and markets, we also offer robust recycling solutions for paper, steel, aluminum, fiber, and plastics. Typically, these recyclables are gathered through roll-off dumpsters, front-load containers, or compactors. These specialized recycling options can be seamlessly integrated with your regular business waste service, delivering excellent value.

    We understand that certain industrial customers may produce unique and occasionally hazardous waste materials. At Tri-State Disposal, you can have confidence that we manage such materials in an environmentally responsible manner. Our extensive capacity, industry expertise, and leadership enable us to identify the specific type of waste and tailor the removal process, incorporating heightened safety measures and specialized disposal procedures. We are committed to ensuring environmental compliance and offer comprehensive "cradle to grave" compliance tracking to provide you with peace of mind.