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Tri-State Disposal has been providing contractors and residents in Chicago low-cost dumpster rentals since 1995. From remodeling a multi-unit apartment building to re-roofing a single family home, we have all of your dumpster rental needs covered from the northside to the south side. With four dumpster sizes to choose from, we have a solution for all of your dumpster rental needs.

If space is limited and your dumpster rental needs to be placed on the street or in an alley in Chicago, a right-of-way permit will be required from the City of Chicago. We will obtain the proper permitting with the City, so not to hold up your project. Currently the City of Chicago offers either a 3 or 30-day permit, in addition to the cost of the dumpster rental.

For more information on pricing and availability on dumpster rentals in Chicago, please call our office at 708.388.9910.

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