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Dixmoor, IL residents pride themselves on maintaining a safe, clean community. The local government officials work hard to solve problems in the area, from repairing streets to removing unsafe, irreparable buildings.

You too can do your part to keep the village a beautiful place to live. When you clear your property of debris and haul away trash after a renovation, you help maintain your neighborhood’s appearance and preserve it for future generations.

At Tri-State Disposal Inc., we provide dumpster rentals to Dixmoor, IL residents and work hard to help you remove waste in a timely manner.

Safe, Timely Waste Disposal

We have multiple dumpsters available in varying sizes to accommodate residential, commercial, and industrial clients alike. Whether you plan to clean out your garage or help the local schools recycle, you can reserve a dumpster big enough to fit your project, but still small enough to stay within your budget.

When you give us a call, we’ll deliver the dumpster you ordered on time and haul away the unwanted trash within one to six days depending on your needs.

Choose According to Your Budget

If you’d like to book your next dumpster rental, browse our available options below. If you don’t know which size or frequency your next project demands, call us at 708.388.9910 and let one of our friendly sales associates assist you in making an informed decision.

Village of Dixmoor
170 W 145th St
Dixmoor, IL 60426

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