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Many residents and business owners in East Chicago, IN have invested a great deal into improving the appearance and safety of their buildings. In fact, the Department of Redevelopment has provided multiple grants and loans to those in the area to ensure owners can comply with the latest local and state code standards.But after you’ve updated your wiring, replaced your roof, or fixed your leaky plumbing, you may wonder what to do about cleanup. Fortunately, you can quickly and efficiently dispose of your renovation materials when you rent a dumpster from Tri-State Disposal Inc.  Our dumpster rental services are affordable and environmentally friendly.

Clean Up After Your Repairs

We have multiple dumpster sizes to accommodate your needs, from smaller 10-yard dumpsters for bathroom remodels to large 30-yard dumpsters for massive demolition projects.Our dumpster rentals allow you to throw away dirt, brick, asphalt, metal, plastic, and roofing materials with ease. And if you have any recyclable items, we’ll gladly take them to the nearest center for proper treatment.

Find the Right Dumpster for Your Project

At Tri-State Disposal Inc., we want to make your dumpster rental as easy as possible. Simply click on the appropriate “Order Now” button, enter your credit card information and you’ll be ready to begin your project in East Chicago, IN. It’s as easy as that.If you have any questions about our policies, feel free to call us at 708.388.9910. Our friendly representatives will gladly assist you with the ordering process.

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