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10 Ways to Save Money on Your Commercial Dumpster Rental

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Commercial dumpster rental can be costly, especially if you’re planning a large remodel. Savvy shoppers can save money by planning right and staying organized. These 10 tips help you spend less money on your dumpster rental, so you can spend more money on your commercial remodel.
  1. Narrow Down the Timeline for When You’ll Need a Dumpster
You may not need a dumpster for the duration of the entire remodel. You’ll either pay for your dumpster by the day, by the week, or by the month, depending on your needs. If you can shave time off of your rental, you can save money. Communicate with your contractor to find out details like when the remodel will begin, when a dumpster rental will become necessary, and about how long the dumpster rental will be needed. This will help you avoid paying for more time than is necessary.
  1. Know the Extra Fees
Typically, dumpster rental companies charge a base price for the rental and extra fees depending on the details of the rental. Most companies will charge fees for processing garbage by the ton. Many will also charge money if prohibited items are thrown into the dumpster, like rubber tires or asbestos. Know the various ways in which you could incur a fee to help you avoid making mistakes that could drive up the price of your rental. Read your contract before signing and ask questions about anything that confuses you.
  1. Shop Around
Some dumpster rental companies just cost more than others. People who want to save money on their dumpster rental can do so by shopping around, comparing prices, and finding places that have deals for customers. Sometimes this can seem like an apples to oranges comparison, because some dumpster rental companies will charge by the day while others might charge by the week. Record the information in a notebook and then assess it all at once to help you decide which company offers the best deal.
  1. Get Permits, Avoid Tickets
Depending on where your dumpster rental will be dropped off and where it will sit, you may need to pay city permits, or get special permission from the neighborhood association. If you don’t get the proper permission, you may need to pay a hefty fine each day that the dumpster is in an unpermitted spot. Talk to your city hall or ask your dumpster rental company to find out what you need to do to get permits.
  1. Negotiate
A lot of dumpster rental companies offer discounts to business people who negotiate their rate. After shopping around, you may be able to negotiate a better rate by comparing offers and telling each company about the best offer you’ve been given so far. If you have an ongoing need for dumpster rental, or if you anticipate more remodels in the future, mention this to customer service representative to see if they’re able to offer a bigger discount.
  1. Share Your Dumpster With a Neighbor
It may be that other businesses in your neighborhood also need to throw away some large items, and are in need of a dumpster rental. Talk to business owners on your block to find out if anyone can share dumpster rental expenses with you.
  1. Ask Your Contractor About Rates
Sometimes contractors get good deals with vendors that they use a lot. Talk to your contractor to find out if they have any arrangements with dumpster rental companies in your area. Find out what the deal entails, how long you’ll get the dumpster for, how much it will cost, and other details. Compare your contractor’s rates with the dumpster rental companies in the area to see if you can get a better deal on your own.
  1. Make It a “Clean Load”
“Clean load” is dumpster rental lingo that indicates a load made up of one type of item. For example, if you’re throwing away nothing but dry wall, that would be a clean load. Sometimes companies will offer a discount if the customer is planning on a clean load, so be sure to bring it up when you negotiate.
  1. Check on the Size With Your Contractor
The bigger the dumpster, the more money you’ll have to spend on your dumpster rental. Get a dumpster of the right size to help you avoid paying for more dumpster than you really need.
  1. Cover Your Dumpster
If you’re in busy area with a lot of pedestrians, your dumpster may get used by more people than you had intended. Keep a cover on your dumpster for the times when it’s not in use. Work with your contractor to get a cover that will work for your dumpster. Your contractor must be able put it on and take it off easily enough to be practical. For more information about saving money on dumpster rental, contact industry experts. At Tri-State Disposal, we’re happy to give you any information you might need to save money on dumpster rental. Call us today.

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