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A Complete Dumpster Rental Guide for Childcare Centers

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If you own a childcare center, then you likely know how much waste you can accumulate on a daily basis. The key is keeping the waste under control and providing a safe and clean environment for children who attend the daycare. As you consider a dumpster rental for the property, follow this complete guide to learn about dumpster rentals for daycare.

The guide covers everything you need to know, including advantages, uses, and ways dumpsters can improve the overall flow of business at the childcare center.

Diaper Control

If your daycare accepts babies, then you know how quickly diaper waste can add up. An average baby, ages three to eight months, uses an average of eight to nine diapers in one day. If your childcare facility cares for multiple babies this amount will multiply, and you’ll be left with a huge pile of soiled diapers by the end of each day.

A dumpster gives you the option to directly dispose of the diapers. You can place soiled diapers right into the dumpster or fill a trash bag in the class and empty the waste into the dumpster.

With easy disposal, you do not need to worry about lingering smells, odors, or any kids getting into the trash. Along with diapers, the waste may include baby wipes and other disposable products. Dumpster rentals vary in size, so the number of babies you have depends on the size of the dumpster you will need.

For example, the smallest dumpsters available is a one-yard dumpster. If you’re caring for multiple babies you should consider renting a larger dumpster.

Food Waste

The way babies fill their diapers is through food consumption, and the older a child gets, the more they will likely want to eat. As you serve snacks and meals at a daycare, you will have a lot of food waste to deal with. Food waste includes uneaten food, food packages, or disposable items like paper plates and napkins.

If you run an all-day daycare, then food waste can quickly add up with breakfast, lunch, and multiple snacks. A dumpster provides an easy way to get rid of food waste. Similar to diapers, you do not want old food waste creating odors within your business. For example, some food waste like banana peel can quickly turn black and cause a stench at your daycare.

When you fill up dumpsters with food waste, you may worry about pests and rodents gaining access to the food. Dumpsters with closed lids and locks helps keep pests out. Another way to help is through scheduled dumpster pick-ups. You can schedule multiple pick-ups so the food waste doesn’t linger and attract unwanted animals.

If your daycare is only open on weekdays, then you may want to schedule collection two times a week to keep your dumpster fairly clean. For example, you could schedule a Wednesday pick-up to clear out items from the beginning of the week and a Friday pick-up so old food items aren’t lingering in the dumpster throughout the weekend.

Hassle-Free Garbage

When your daycare arranges for dumpster rental services, you eliminate a lot of the hassle associated with waste management. Your employees are already focused on caring for the kids, they don’t need to worry about taking the trash cans to the curb or figuring out who is going to take the garbage to a transfer station.

Garbage simply goes into a dumpster. The dumpster is in a location with easy access so the truck can empty the dumpster and put it back into place again.

Disease Prevention

With a dumpster in the driveway or exterior of your business, you can help keep diseases and germs away from the daycare. Many public settings can spread common illnesses like colds, pink eye, or Coxsackie virus. While some viruses are extremely hard to stop in certain settings, cleanliness can go a long way in cutting down germs.

If a child gets sick and you need to dispose of soiled items, you can place the items directly into a dumpster instead of a classroom garbage. Direct placement will help prevent germs and disease from spreading from the garbage and into the air.

Seasonal Changes

As seasons change, you can take advantage of a dumpster rental for your daycare needs. During autumn, use your dumpster to hold debris like branches and leaves. In spring, you can remove weeds, dead plants, and outdoor equipment children no longer use.

The seasonal changes will help you keep things clean and up to date within the daycare. As new seasons arrive, you may replace toys or equipment used in the classroom. Instead of letting the junk pile up, just toss everything right into a dumpster.

For more information about our commercial dumpster rentals, contact us at Tri-State Disposal. We will answer any questions you have and help you select the best container for your daycare needs.

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