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Waste & Recycling Workers Week 2023

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We want to take a moment to extend our most heartfelt gratitude and respect to the first responders in our communities. Our nation’s first responders have always been at the forefront of ensuring our safety and wellbeing, and today we want to highlight the often-unsung heroes who significantly enrich to our everyday lives – our waste workers.

The nature of waste management work requires consistent attention and relentless effort, through sunny days and natural disasters. We’ve all seen our waste and recycling workers hard at work day in and day out, ensuring our communities remain clean and our lives continue with normalcy. Despite the physical nature of their job and the hazards they encounter, these waste professionals perform their duties with great determination and responsibility.

To honor our dedicated waste professionals, we ask you to join us in celebrating Waste & Recycling Workers Week this summer. During the week of June 12-17, we encourage you to show your appreciation by serving those who serve our communities. Whether it’s a plate of cookies, a handmade card from a child, or a heartfelt handshake, your appreciation will mean the world to the waste and recycling workers in your community.

We hope you’ll join us the week of June 12-17 in honoring our waste first responders. For more information and ways to recognize Waste & Recycling Workers Week in your community, check out our celebration resources, or try some of the suggestions below.

Download Waste Workers Week Thank You

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