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The Whys, Hows, and Wheres of Renting a Dumpster for Your Small Business

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Does your small business need a dumpster? More than 30 million small businesses in America exist, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). If you’re one of the millions of business owners in the United States, take a look at the whys, hows, and wheres of dumpster rental.

Why Does Your Small Business Need a Dumpster Rental?

Not every small business requires this type of collection container. Construction and contractor-related businesses have obvious needs for trash containment and haul away help. But if your company doesn’t deal in renovations, installations, and other similar high-mess projects, don’t assume you won’t need a dumpster.

If you’re not sure whether your small business could benefit from a dumpster rental, the top reasons to choose this service include:

  • Clutter reduction. Clutter in the workplace can negatively affect employees’ mental health. If your office has stacks of papers, boxes, or other types of clutter, a dumpster rental eliminates the mess from your workspace and can reduce your employees’ stress level.
  • Prevention of pest problems. Whether you run an eatery or your employees bring food into the workspace, leftovers can attract pests. Instead of trash cans filled with food waste, bring anything that may attract pests outside to a rental dumpster.
  • Aesthetic issues. Trash cans and piles of papers won’t add to your company’s professional appearance. Create a clean aesthetic and eliminate waste (and waste containers) with a dumpster outside.
  • Your schedule. Do you have time during the workday for a refuse removal or cleaning company to come into your business and remove the trash? A dumpster rental allows you to get rid of waste on your own schedule.
  • Move-in/Move-out. A small business move may require a dumpster. If you need to clean out a new office or rid your old one of accumulated waste, a dumpster rental can help.

Now that you know the benefits of dumpster rental, take the next step and locate one of these professional waste removal containers for your small business.

How Should You Choose a Dumpster Rental Contractor?

Like yourself, many dumpster rental companies are also small businesses. If this is your first time hiring a dumpster or environmental services contractor, you may not know where to start. Before you choose the first company you google, consider:

  • The rate. Does the company charge one flat rate or a by-the-ton price? If your small business is on a strict budget, discuss the pricing in detail before you choose an environmental services contractor.
  • The staff members’ knowledge. Does the contractor employee knowledgeable staff who can answer any of your dumpster or waste-related questions? Make sure you feel comfortable with the company’s expertise and experience level.
  • The company’s responsiveness. Even though the staff may have all the answers — are they responsive to your inquiries? You need to know that someone from the waste company will answer your call, return a text, or email you back as soon as possible.
  • The schedule. How long is the dumpster available for? If you need the dumpster for a special project, make sure you can keep it for the days, weeks, or months necessary. But if you need it on an ongoing basis, the company should offer long-term rentals.
  • The additional fees. Will the company charge you extra for weight overages or other similar issues? If the contractor does have a set of additional fees, ask what you’ll pay and when you need to pay for the extras.
  • The contents. What can you put in the dumpster? The rental company may prohibit or restrict some types of items for safety reasons.

Along with these issues and questions, ask your potential dumpster rental company for references. A reputable environmental services contractor should have commercial customer references for you to review before you sign a contract or choose a dumpster rental.

Where Should You Place the Dumpster?

After you choose to rent a dumpster and select a reputable quality contractor, bring the container onto your property. If you’re not sure where to place the dumpster, consider:

  • Permits and local rules. Do you need a permit for your dumpster? Your community may have rules and regulations that govern dumpster placement and permits. Ask the rental contractor for more information, or contact your municipal permitting office.
  • The size. How large a dumpster do you want to rent? The larger the dumpster, the more open space you’ll need.
  • Pickup placement. The environmental services company will need to remove your dumpster. This means you need to place it in a space a truck can easily access.

If you’re still not sure where to place the dumpster, discuss your options with the rental company. The professional can help you to choose a space that’s safe and smart for the waste container.

Do you need a dumpster rental for your small business? Contact Tri-State Disposal for more information.

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